FUMORE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD – A specialized manufacturer of Inverter

˙1982, begin to produce DC Motor Drive ,1/8HP~ 500HP

˙1995, begin to produce AC Motor Inverter ,1/8HP~60HP

˙1996, begin to produce AC Motor Torque Inverter

˙2001, begin to use own brand to export Torque Inverter to the World.

˙2003, We succeed in exporting Torque Inverter to Japan , installing in the machine of the world-class machine

 manufac turer and exporting to the world countries. Japan engineers prove its uniqueness of torque. Up to now, there is still a

 regular quantity of export every year.

˙2010, we succeed in using Torque Inverter to the rolling machine of electronic-grade glass fiber, and the practical application

 proves the capability of Torque Inverter.